A Lifetime
Working with Idiots
& How to Survive

Author's Notes

Nowhere was the undertaking of writing this book to be found on my radar when I look back on the many goals I had set for myself.  Over the years, whenever I would relate my stories to friends, the reaction would always be the same; “You should write a book.”  After more than a decade of hearing this again and again, I finally picked up a pen and started to write.  I’m glad I did.

Writing this book was a tremendous, personal experience; almost cathartic.  This is an opportunity to help people be more successful in their careers and lives by sharing my experiences.  I’ve never been one for wasting people’s time; as you will soon discover.  This book is by no means a text book…it’s a survival guide…filled with humorous and insightful slices of life, how to(s), and do not(s)

There is no getting away from the simple fact that work is a necessity if we aspire to acquire even a few creature comforts along the way.  Whether you’re a veteran of the workplace or a novice, there’s no escaping that each of us will have to deal with an idiot or two on the job.  This book will teach you how to cope, survive, and advance. Today, it is becoming more and more difficult to find “the simple joys of life” due to the hectic schedules and demands that even the most simplistic life can impose.

Home, work, and children can take a considerable amount of energy.  Throw in a monkey wrench or two into the mix, and it can lead to utter chaos; making it all the more important that you don’t allow idiots to place additional stress, if it can be avoided.  And, it can be, but it takes being forearmed.

I’ve been very fortunate during my lifetime to have had the benefit of mentors; foremost were my parents, a small number of exceptional school teachers and college professors, and a few extraordinary business people.  And, so when it became my turn to take the reins, I mentored whenever an opportunity presented itself on the job.  Writing this book is a way to reach more people than I could ever hope to reach through my consulting practice.

I want this book to be more than simply pointing out troublesome personalities in the workplace.  I want it to provide the “nuts ‘n bolts” to important workplace topics.  Lessons one could learn and implement to advance one’s career.  So, in that regard, I’ve included chapters on leadership, negotiation, salesmanship, business etiquette, communications, interviewing and many other day-to-day essential skills; chapters not necessarily idiot related, but important nonetheless.

This book is really two books in one.  In many chapters, I interlace stories between my business and personal life experiences.  I did this because…who you are…is who you are.  Very seldom is there a distinction between how one conducts themselves at home and at work.  My personal life stories will help you to have a better understanding of how I became who I am and why I conduct myself as I do.

Throughout this book, I also interchange the word you and the word one.  Examples: You should never…or…One should never…I purposely made this distinction when referencing you when I felt it was appropriate to do so.…as opposed to my addressing the general populace with the word one when correcting behavior.  After all, I don't know you.  Not everyone is an idiot.

The web site shown below is not only where one can direct family and friends to purchase their own copy of the book, it’s where readers can post and exchange their encounters with idiots.  I am sure that many of you have your share of funny and interesting stories from your work experiences.  It would be great to hear from you.

How many idiots does it take to change a light bulb?  The answer is in the pages that await you.  Enjoy.