Book Review

Dear Douglas, Just dropping you a quick line to let you know that I have just finished your book ‘A Lifetime working with idiots and how to survive’, and to tell you how much I thoroughly enjoyed it. I bought your book from Amazon Kindle yesterday and finished it within 24 hours, I just couldn’t stop reading it as I could relate to so much of it. Thanks to you, I always knew there was something ‘off’ with the organization I currently work at and now I can recognize that the problem is that I am working in one of those typical ‘Royal Courts’ that you have mentioned (in this case, the company was founded in 1986 and the same people are still doing things the same way they did back then). In addition to work-place identification, I can now recognize one or two of the ‘idiots’ you describe in your book as being alive, well and thriving in this organization (and have been doing so for a substantial number of years). Most of all, thank you very much for huge laughing fit I had last night (I laughed until I wept) over your story of the job you had where you were issued with a cattle prod for your own personal safety. My husband heard my guffaws of mirth from the other room and thought that I had lost my marbles. I am sorry to say, contrary to the instructions in your book, I did lay the blame for my hysterical state on you but in this this case, it was a good thing. Many thanks again for the insight and entertainment. Kind regards, Yvette M.