A Lifetime Working with Idiots & How to Survive – Chap. 4

Salesmanship will serve you well in life. If you’ve never held such a position, try it. Take a part-time job at an appliance store, a phone soliciting company, or a car dealership. You’ll learn about yourself and others…fast. When I was seventeen, a friend and I were driving over to his house one Saturday afternoon and happened to pass a house that had a car on the front lawn with a “For Sale” sign. The sign also stated, “$300 as is”. My friend had me pull over, got out, and yelled back for me to wait. I watched as he rang the doorbell and entered the house.

A moment later, he came out, took the “For Sale” sign from the car and threw it in the back seat. He then hopped into the car and waved for me to follow him. When we got to his house, I asked him why he needed another car when he already had one. He said he didn’t. I replied, “If you don’t need another car, why did you just spend three hundred dollars?” He smiled and said, “I didn’t. I only paid one fifty”. My friend went into the garage and got two lawn chairs and some sodas. He then parked the car on the front lawn and placed the “For Sale” sign back on the car’s windshield. Taking up our positions in the lawn chairs, we enjoyed the afternoon sun and drank our sodas.

Within an hour, a car stopped and the owner got out. My friend met him coming up the lawn. After a little haggling, my friend sold the car at the original three hundred dollar asking price. A one hundred percent profit in less than an hour. I learned that day that my friend’s “gift of gab” could talk you out of your last dollar…twice! Continued in book…

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