A Lifetime Working with Idiots & How to Survive – Chap. 5

At one particular company I was consulting for, I had a team of approximately thirty-six members. Two-thirds of my team members were provided by other departments; not members I had either interviewed or hand-selected. Within the first few months, I had to dismiss several members, as they were not qualified for the positions they held and could not deliver. Almost every resource in these very necessary dismissals had been fulfilled by one particular department; one particular Manager. Let’s not mince words here…the people I had to let go were from “deep space”.

Whenever one of them would be in the vicinity of my office, I swear I could hear the robot from Lost in Space warning me, “Danger, Will Robinson”. After the second time that a particular position wasn’t filled appropriately, I went and visited the hiring Manager. I made a suggestion to improve his interviewing skills. I told him that when he was escorting a candidate to the interview and they were coming up in the elevator together, to ask one simple question, “What planet are you from?” Then I told him, “If the answer isn’t Earth, hit the down button, immediately!” I don’t think my suggestion sunk in. In fact, I’m sure it didn’t, because the next person he placed on my team introduced himself to my Senior Coordinator with, “Take me to your Leader”. Continued in book…

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