Review by Reader

I was very impressed with your writing on many different levels. The book wasn’t quite what I expected. I thought it would be about your work experiences with a lot of funny stories and anecdotes. While the book does have many funny stories, its more. It also has a lot of serious, practical educational tips about the do(s) and don’t(s) regarding corporate careers, especially for the serious minded individual who intends to climb the corporate ladder and become successful.

This should be required reading for college kids. Now that I’ve finished reading, I intend on having my kids read your book. My daughter is an assistant buyer at a major Department Store in the city, after working at Macy’s the previous 5 years after college. She is a go-getter. My son recently left a State University working in football recruiting, and now works for USA Football in the marketing department. He is looking to move upward somewhere. Both can use some guidance. This book can provide that and more.

I was surprised at all the jobs and vocations you have had experiences in. I knew the Army stories, but not a lot about the others area of your life. The insights into your childhood and family life can show people the way life should be; family, teamwork, dedication, morals, and love. Things that are so lacking certainly in this country today.

In reading the book I can feel all the years of deep thinking and analyzing that it took to reach your conclusions. It takes perseverance to make things work and be successful. You have succeeded in that regard. I am truly proud to have you as a lifelong friend. – Jim

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