A Lifetime
Working with Idiots
& How to Survive

Table of Contents

Chapter One – Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Idiots are all around us; above, below and across the aisle.  Learn to recognize them.

Chapter Two – It Was a Very Good Year

What makes the author of this book tick?  Here’s a little history courtesy of “yours truly”.

Chapter Three – Back Stabbers

People wear many disguises.  See how many personality types you can identify.

Chapter Four – Who Will Buy

We’re all selling something; from your skills on a resume to an old, beat-up dresser at a yard sale.  Here are some techniques that can help.

Chapter Five – Getting To Know You

Landing that big promotion or a new job can be a challenge; the better prepared, the better the chances for success.

Chapter Six – Just the Way You Are

Perception is the great equalizer; but perceptions can mislead.  Make sure you are seeing things clearly.

Chapter Seven – You’ve Got to Be Taught

Much of today’s political correctness is just plain political craziness.  Learn how to maintain your sanity.

Chapter Eight – The Meeting Song

One too many meetings on your calendar?  Meetings to plan meetings?  There is a better way to manage this onslaught.

Chapter Nine – Return To Sender

Email can be as much of a burden as it is a benefit.  When constructed properly, your electronic requests can be “First Class”.

Chapter Ten – Every Breath You Take

There are a lot of places where things can go wrong at the office.  Learn to avoid hazards and navigate your career to the top.

Chapter Eleven – Just Once in a Lifetime

Life is compromise.  The ability to negotiate, barter, and persuade are essential skills.  Unprepared, you could get caught holding the “short end of the stick”.

Chapter Twelve – The Long and Winding Road

Taking the bull by the horns might be construed as leadership.  Watch out, it might just bite you on the “you know what”.

Chapter Thirteen – Make ‘em Laugh

A CEO, a Priest and a Rabbi walk into a bar...funny is good.

Chapter Fourteen – So Long, Farewell

Saying goodbye is never easy.  So, here are a few final thoughts for achieving success at work and in life.


No one does it alone. A moment to express my sincerest appreciation to those who helped me with my book.

The Ten Business Commandments

Hewn from stone and suitable for framing.

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